Will a DNA Test Reveal Ethnicity?

Ancestry DNA test results arrive

When I received the message that my DNA test had been completed and the results were online I knew that the story about my ancestry that some of my relatives so firmly believed would be either proved correct or false. Was my maternal grandmother really the daughter of one of the Indians from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show?

After years of searching, finally, my DNA test had the answer.

Well, it looks as though they were wrong. The test showed I was 88% British and 6% West European. If my grandmother had been Native American then I think it would have shown as a significant proportion of my autosomal DNA test results.                                       (Images from Ancestry:  ancestry.co.uk)


There was, however, that remaining 6%. Well, it would not prove the story but maybe it might explain the rather dark appearance of some of my family. For some obscure reason I could not take a screen snip but the results were:

Low Confidence Region: Scandinavia 2%  Ireland 2%  Iberian Peninsula 2%

This last image also disproves another anecdote that there was some Jewish ancestry and shows absolutely 0% Native American.

Was I disappointed?

Yes, of course, I was to some extent but then relieved that I had the answer at last. Such a simple test had proved the truth, and that was my main objective. For sure it would have been interesting to have such an unusual ancestry for someone born in London.

What’s next?

I’m certainly not going to stop searching for grandmother Tyson’s origins. The puzzle was not completely solved and other questions demanded an answer. Why did my relatives so firmly believe the story? Who were the people in the old photograph and was one of them a Native American? Was my mother right when she said her mother had been born into a gipsy family and who was the mysterious Mr Bates?

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